Craig Dworkin

Craig Dworkin is the author of over a dozen poetry books and chapbooks. including, most recently, 12 Erroneous Displacements and a Fact (Information As Material, 2016), DEF (IAM, 2017), and The Pine-Woods Notebook (Kenning Editions, 2019). Dworkin is also the editor of a half-dozen volumes, including "Against Expression: An Anthology of Conceptual Writing" (Northwestern U. P., 2011, with Kenneth Goldsmith). He lives in Salt Lake City, where he teaches literary history and theory at the University of Utah and serves as Founding Editor to Eclipse.



  • The Pine-Woods Notebook, Kenning Editions, 2019
  • DEF, New York: Information As Material, 2017
  • 12 Erroneous Displacements and a Fact, New York: Information As Material, 2106
  • Alkali, Denver: Counterpath, 2015
  • An Attempt at Exhausting a Space in Williamstown [with Madeline Gilmore], Portland: Publication Studio, 2015
  • Remotes, Houston: Little Red Leaves, 2013
  • Chapter XXIV, Salt Lake: Red Butte Press, 2013
  • The Crystal Text, Oakland: Compline, 2012
  • Copys, Calgary: No Press, 2011
  • Motes, New York: Roof Books, 2011
  • The Perverse Library, New York: Information As Material, 2010
  • Parse, San Francisco: Atelos Press, 2008
  • Maps, New York: /Ubu Editions, 2007
  • All Saints, Buffalo: Vigilance Society, 2006
  • Strand, New York: Roof Books, 2005
  • Dure, Buffalo: Cuneiform Press, 2004
  • Smokes, New York: /Ubu Editions, 2004
  • Index, Edmonton: Housepress, 2002
  • Three Poems, Buffalo: Quinella Press, 2001
  • Signature—Effects, Oakland: Ghos-Ti Press, 1997

Edited Collections

  • Nothing: A User's Manual
  • Against Expression: An Anthology of Conceptual Writing, Northwestern University Press, 2011. Co-edited with Kenneth Goldsmith.
  • The Sound of Poetry / The Poetry of Sound, Chicago U. P., 2009 Co-edited with Marjorie Perloff.
  • The Consequence of Innovation: 21st-Century Poetics, New York: Roof Books, 2008.
  • Language to Cover a Page: The Early Writings of Vito Acconci, MIT, 2006.
  • Architectures of Poetry, Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2004; co-edited with María Eugenia Díaz Sánchez.