Kevin Holdsworth

Growing up in Salt Lake City, Kevin Holdsworth developed an early shine for outdoor recreational activity.  He began with downhill skiing and fishing and eventually moved on to free-heel skiing and peak bagging.  As a teenager, feeling the Wasatch were a bit overdone, he began to explore the Uinta Mountains. He has climbed the nine highest named peaks in the Uintas and over 50 peaks in the Wind Rivers, but who’s counting?

During his decades of field research, Holdsworth has been dive-bombed by hawks and falcons, attacked (and wounded) by a Uinta ground squirrel, stalked by a cougar, and chased over half a mile by a rogue black bear.  Only the squirrel attack can be attributed to bad animal karma, however. 

In the late 1980s, he built a cabin in Torrey, an experience outlined in Good Water, which was a finalist for the 15 Bytes book award.  He’s been a winner of the Brown Fiction Contest (Sunstone), the Utah Original Writing Competition and a Wyoming Arts Council fellowship. A new book, Red Stone Heart: Scrambling High Uinta Peaks will appear in fall, 2020. 

He’s married to Jennifer Sorensen, and they divide their time between Monroe, Cedar City and Brian Head, Utah.



Big Wonderful: Notes from Wyoming,  University Press of Colorado, 2006.

Good Water,  University Press of Colorado, 2016

Red Stone Heart: Scrambling High Uinta Peaks,  Pronghorn Press, 2020